Wildwood School COVID-19 Continuity of Learning Plan Update 5-14-20


Please click here to view a letter to families from our Director of Education.


Digital Resources

  • Wildwood school has compiled an incredible list of digital resources that can be accessed from home, and we have communicated directly to families, while also communicating any specific recommendations we have for each student.  
  • The site is a dynamic website, full of resources, that is updated daily.  Teachers and therapists are uploading specific resources for their classroom and students, and our teachers have started producing and uploading videos as well.  
  • Each classroom team is developing a YouTube Channel with instructional videos for students to watch when they have time; each team is also doing structured Google Meets, at least once a week, with a structured activity; additional Google Meets to check in and engage socially with peers are also scheduled
  • Here is the weblink to our site in the event you would like to share it with other families or check it out yourself.




  • We also send out paper packets through the mail every two weeks for daily work, including hard copies of various activities that can be completed at home, for those families who indicated that they prefer to receive materials this way and for any family we haven’t heard back from about their preferences  
  • Our students are at Wildwood for a reason, and require specialized instruction, as such - we have focused on mastered skills, and presenting materials in a familiar fashion (as close to their activities during the school day as possible).   
  • We document all parent and student communication in the contact log on IEP Direct
  • Teachers interact with students and families, via Google Meets for instruction, class meetings, and regular check-ins.  
  • A virtual IEP folder has been made accessible to all families, for their individual child's IEP goals, to work on at home.
  • Our teachers and social workers have been reaching out to families, multiple times a week, sharing sample schedules to follow at home, examples of activities that can be completed, and student specific recommendations.



  • We are fully engaged in virtual CSE meetings with school districts and continue to receive and process intake packets.  The following link, will provide families access to our admissions paperwork, process, and a virtual school tour:



Related Services

  • Related Service providers are reaching out to families weekly
    • Using a variety of tele-practice options, to engage students in the most meaningful way and address their IEP goals to the fullest extent possible. 
    • Contacts are being logged in the parent contact log.
    • Related service providers are interacting with students and families, via Google Meets for therapies, class meetings, and regular check-ins.  


  • Related Service providers are reaching out to families regularly, to engage tele-practice sessions.  
    • If parents decline, we are documenting in the communication log on IEP Direct.  If they decline, we will make regular contact, and document the outcome of that conversation.  



  • All teachers and related service staff are documenting direct interactions with students and families, via 
    • Email
    • IEP contact logs (to document email and phone communication)
    • U.S. Mail
  • Communication with families and school districts are completed via:
    • One Call Now
    • Email
    • Voice Calls
    • Google Meets
    • Contact delivery of:
      • Food
      • Technology for use at home


Backpack Program

  • Wildwood staff has also been continuing our school backpack program, delivering healthy food, to our families in need, involving no contact and adhering to social distancing protocols.


Please contact us if you have any questions:

Elementary Program - Audrey Franke 518-836-2229 afranke@wildwoodprograms.org

Intermediate Program - Kelly Sagan 518-836-2226 ksagan@wildwoodprograms.org

High School Program - Jennifer Guernsey 518-836-2239 jguernsey@wildwoodprograms.org

Young Adult Program - John Clausson 518-640-3366 jclausson@wildwoodprograms.org

Related Services Cindy Riggi - 518-836-2220 criggi@wildwoodprograms.org