High School Program Level

The High School Program Level is designed to provide our students with the skills they need to achieve the most independent life possible as adults. The High School Program uses real world experiences as well as best practice curriculum to give our students the tools they need to succeed. All of the High School students are exposed to instruction based on the Common Core Learning and the Career Development Occupational Skills (CDOS) Standards. Student skill acquisition is based on Essential Outcomes (EOs). Staff work with the students on a daily basis to address skills related to daily living skills, academics, Health, wellness, and safety developed the EOs. Students participate in career development through work based learning, as well as art and music education. Adapted physical education instruction includes formal skill building in lifelong sports, such as bowling, swimming, and fitness. The High School students also participate in classroom businesses to develop functional math and social skills. The money acquired through
classroom businesses and fundraising are used toward an end of the year spring trip and school Prom.
Reopening Plan