Curriculum Mapping

At our Intermediate, High School and Young Adult program levels, our teachers are developing a curriculum collaboratively to instruct to our universal essential outcomes. Currently, they utilize a curriculum mapping tool from Rubicon Altas. This has been a valuable tool for information and resource sharing. It has also helped to ensure instructional continuity from classroom to classroom. Units are developed and driven in accordance with the Common Core Learning Standards. Resources are stored and accessed online. Many of the classes are utilizing these resources during interactive Smartboard lessons, which is a great way to engage learners and reinforce the acquisition of skills. Many of the classrooms utilize the Unique Learning System (a special education curriculum available online) to support the instruction of science and social studies. All materials are created using SymbolStix graphics. The unit lesson plans define three levels of differentiated tasks to accommodate the diversity of learners with significant disabilities.

At the young adult program level, students also utilize the Unique Learning System (ULS). The Unique Learning curriculum is aligned to the Career Development and Occupational Skills (CDOS) standards. The NYS exit criteria for students that are alternately assessed, the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential, is also aligned to the CDOS ensuring key skills are addressed in the classroom.

In addition to the ULS, students at the high school and young adult level participate in Foundations of Work. This class runs once a week and is instructed by classroom teachers with work based learning teachers serving in a consultant or co-teaching role. Also aligned with the CDOS, this class works on increasing levels of independence across various pre-vocational and community skill sets. Students may visit different job sites, work on resumes, or practice navigating the community.

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