Running/Walking Club!


The Wildwood School Physical Education Department started a walking and running club several years ago to encourage healthy habits.  It has grown immensely over the years in attendance and in technology!  Previously, students would use popsicle sticks to tally their laps.  The new and improved Walking Club has ditched the sticks and has moved on to a more modernized method. The E-Z Tally application generates a QR code for each student to track their walking total at the end of each day. As the students approach the mounted Ipad in the hall, they simply scan their QR code which is attached to their own personal lanyard. These lanyards also serve as hall passes for the students. Every time the QR code is scanned at the end of a lap, the application will shout the number lap they are on for the day and also add a brief motivational line such as "Nice work! Keep Going!" Not only does this new technological advancement have the students and classrooms extremely excited, but it also helps reduce the amount of germs left behind on the popsicle sticks that the students were previously using to count their laps. After a few short weeks in the high school, the Walking Club has already totaled over 182 miles! Walking Club serves as an excellent alternative to down time in the classroom and is also a great way to make up any missed Physical Education class.  Way to go Wildwood students and staff!