High School Program Level

The high school level is designed to provide students with access to skills and experiences that are similar to students attending other high schools.  All students are exposed to instruction based on the Common Core Learning and the Career Development Occupational Skills (CDOS) Standards.  Students are assigned to a homeroom class where they work on their literacy and math skills.  Within their homeroom class, students participate in a variety of activities including daily living skills, current events, and improving social interactions.  Social studies and science class are taught within a homogeneous cross-class setting to help students learn new information within a group of cognitively similar peers.  Students participate in character education projects, career development through work based learning, as well as art and music education.  Adapted physical education instruction includes formal skill building in lifelong sports, such as bowling, swimming, and fitness.  Instruction also includes health, wellness, and nutrition education.  The high school students participate in fundraisers and class businesses to raise funds for a yearly spring field trip.